2019 is going great!

What a year it has been!!!


Animated shorts, I've worked on (directed and animated), have been getting attention! And I coudn't be more excited!!!


T-Art produced animated short "Osios Gerasimos the Jordanite", which won last year's "Best Animation" award at the Ozarks Mountain Film Festival, was added to GreekAnimation.com's Greek Animation Milestones list, as the first greek animated short with religious theme.



It also inspired, two kids, Matei-Andrei Blaga and Irina-Maria Blaga, to draw the story in their own way, based on my animation... And they published a book! Now that is an amazing honour!


T-Art produced animated short, "Apostle Paul: Journey from Damascus to the Acropolis", won the "Best Animation" and "Best Animation Music Score" awards at the Branson International Film Festival.


And finally, TheOh!Toons animated short "The Life of Death" will be featured at Chaniartoon International Comic & Animation Festival and AnimaSyros International Animation FestivalAnimation Marathon and Secrets of the Dead: New York Short Films.




I can hardly believe the honour... and I want to thank everyone involved for the blessings I've received this year. Thank you!!!

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