It has been another very productive year...


I had the privilege to work on the Greek National Opera production of Evgenios Trivizas' and George Dousis' "No! You won't get up our noses!", directed by Natasha Triantafilli, with animator Panagiotis Rappas.


And also work on two animated sequences for the Tasos Georgiou's documentary "Boutsko", which is yet to be premiered.


Our "The Life of Death" has been awarded with a Honorable Mention Award at the Athens International Monthly Film Festival and Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival, a Best Animation Award at the London International Monthly Film Festival,  four Gold Medals (Best Animation, Best Under 5 min Film, Best Comedy and Best Idea), one Silver Medal (Best Sound Design) and one Bronze Medal (Best Screenplay) at the 4th Film Olympiad Grand Prix, where it was also nominated for Best Film.



The third T-Art animation short, Saint Nicholas, premiered on September 1st, and has already won two "Best Animation" awards at the Georgia Christian Film Festival and the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (October 2021 edition).



A new series of animated shorts is currently being produced for the TheOh!Toons youtube channel, named -by Lefteris Sarafis- "Cartoonshots" (it sounds a lot funnier in greek). They feature the script writting talents of vktoons' Vaggelis Karadimas, Christos Christofis and -our very own- Chris Maragoudakis. As always, animated by me and with original music by Chris Maragoudakis.

The first three of them are already on, and have been featured on the Chaniartoon International Comics & Animation Festival.



 I really hope you'll enjoy watching them, as we did making them!

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